I’ve been clipping recipes and cooking for longer than I care to remember. Yesterday, I started going through my old files and trying to figure out how to organize my recipes so I’d actually know what was where and how to get my hands on ideas when I need inspiration.

In talking it through with my IRL inspirations, we came up with the following. Mrak volunteered to scan my old recipes, but that seemed a really old media approach to the problem. He also added, not entirely altruistically, that I should probably cook all my old recipes to  run quality control on recipes old and new to make sure that they were accurate.

Mr. Tony U., who is twelve years old and loves to eat, said that maybe I should start blogging through my recipes and that, sprout that he is, he’d add comments on what he liked and didn’t like.

Mr. Michael S., who was here at the time and whose prodigious and consistent appetite earned him the nickname “The Panda,” said that he’d love to be able to look at the recipes, thus committing to becoming my first reader.

At this point, I don’t know how many recipes I’ve collected over the years, but I thought I’d just dive right in and finally be able to share them with all the folks who’ve eaten them in kitchens in Stillwater, Providence, Champaign-Urbana, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Eugene, and points in between.





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